Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

Sensors for water and environmental monitoring

We supply the very best value sensors to help your organisation reduce the costs of monitoring and also improve timely on-line access to high quality measurements at your remote sites. Discover the benefits of our products and find out why we are the chosen supplier to numerous drainage authorities, water companies plus rivers and environmental regulators across the globe.

We offer you highly reliable yet affordable sensors for a wide range of applications in the water and environmental regulatory industries. Applications include:

  • Rainfall intensity - rainfall logger applications with storm intensity alarms
  • Weather measurement - wind and weather logging including automatic weather stations
  • Water level measurement - sensors for boreholes, reservoirs and rivers including flood warning
  • Flow measurement - open-channel flow measurement in rivers, treatment works or culverts.
  • Water quality monitoring - range of single/multi-parameter probes for surface or groundwater
  • Pump and gate status monitoring - pump status and flood gate position monitoring
  • Flood and pollution warning - sensors for real-time early warning systems

Isodaq Technology and the Hydro-Logic Group are part of Hydro International.