Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.


Company history

Hydro-Logic Ltd, trading as Isodaq Technology, was founded in 1985 with the objective of delivering high quality solutions for the water and environmental protection industries. The Company since gained a reputation as one of the UK's leading specialists in the monitoring and management of water resource and waste water systems, and operates from three UK locations at Bromyard, Mortimer (Reading), and Stirling. The Group was acquired by Hydro International in March 2016.

Hydro International are a global company who provide advanced products, services and expertise to help municipal and industrial customers to improve their water management processes, increase operational performance and reduce environmental impact.

With over 30 years of experience and a reputation for engineering excellence, businesses and public organisations all over the world rely on Hydro International products and services to reduce flood risk, improve water treatment and protect the environment from water pollution.

Headquartered in Clevedon, UK, Hydro International have a network of over 80 distribution partners and serve customers in more than 40 countries.


  • Building contractors and developers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Educational and research organisations
  • Environmental consultants and regulators
  • Government departments
  • Industrial water users
  • Local drainage authorities
  • Mineral extraction companies
  • National environmental regulators
  • Rivers Authorities
  • Sports and leisure enterprises
  • Water companies