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Electronic LED Road Signs

Electronic LED Road Signs

Optional signs for Flood Level alarm sites near roads

With flash-flooding of roads and car-parks becoming more prevalent due to climate change, it is important to provide better information to road users who encounter flooding whilst driving.   By monitoring rising water level at a known flooding hot-spot Isodaq telemetry loggers can automatically trigger the illumination of LED Road Signs in order to show a clear warning message such as ‘Road Closed’ or ‘Flooding Ahead’.

Isodaq offer a range of electronic outdoor LED Road Signs which can be activated at remote sites using GSM/GPRS communications using one of two alternative configurations :-
1) Activated by a high-level alarm which triggers the control output of the Hawk XT telemetry logger when connected to a water level sensor within a few metres of the sign.
2) Activated by a SMS switch device which turns on the LED display when a message is sent from Timeview Telemetry.  The Road Sign can be remote from one of more water level telemetry loggers and/or a telemetry rain-gauge.

Standard Range or Customised Signage

Our Road Signs are designed by a specialist manufacturer and have been developed in conjunction with the Environment Agency and Local Highways Authoorities.  Signs can be customized from an extensive range of  single-line and multi-line Outdoor LED Electronic Displays.  The LED text is available in a variety of character heights and LED brightness, ensuring optimum viewing distance.

Our Multi-Line range also offer the client the option to specify the number of lines and characters / line required to suit their individual application.

All of our Outdoor LED Signs have weatherproof casings, rated to IP65 standard as a minimum, ensuring long term reliability, even in the harshest of environments.

Our Outdoor LED Signs and LED Displays are extremely versatile, easy to set-up and program via the user friendly editing software provided. They offer a range of control methods including via PC (RS232/485), Ethernet / TCP/IP, Bluetooth, IR Remote, Wireless / WiFi and GSM/GPRS communications for remote locations. All of which ensures the end user has the flexibility to adapt the LED Sign to suit their application.