Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

Enclosure Options


  1. Heritage Bollard

    Heritage Bollard

    • Unobtrusive street furniture design
    • Ideal for city and town centres
    • Vandal resistant – twist and lock mechanism with security bolts
    • Easy installation – with either root or surface mount options
    • Internal steel frame for instrument mounting
    • Outer cover of tough flame retardant UV stabilized medium density polyethylene
    • Available in a wide range of colours

  2. Minipol Box

    Minipol Box

    • Simple design with rugged IP65 GRP construction
    • Easy installation – either wall or stake mounted
    • Ideal for secure compound locations
    • Semi-secure locking options
    • Galvanised steel or GRP backing plate for easy instrument mounting
    • Maximising flexibility for instrument and ancillary mounting
    • Various sizes available 
    • Options for plain or glazed door

  3. Kiosk enclosure

    Kiosk enclosure

    • Kiosk or floor standing cabinet
    • Galvanised painted steel or GRP construction
    • Basic civil works required for mounting
    • Greater flexibility for instrument and ancillary mounting
    • Ideal for locations were additional internal space is required
    • Secure locking options where vandalism risk is high
    • Various sizes available
    • Options for integrated solar panel