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Observation Camera

Observation Camera

For applications such as trash-screen monitoring, our weather-proof observation camera provides security and visual confirmation of asset performance with the potential for either activation on alarm or  regular updates of your location/assets day or night.

It can take images automatically (at designated time internals), triggered by an alarm (such as flooding) and / or triggered manually.

Powered by mains, battery, solar panel or wind turbine, the camera can be housed in a robust, heavy-duty enclosure with enhanced IR lighting unit.

Images are displayed along-side your data on Timeview Telemetry - the latest advance in our range of telemetry data acquisition solutions designed to manage data captured from the Isodaq range GPRS data loggers.

Key features:

  • Low power GPRS 2 Mega Pixel Camera
  • Housing options available
  • External trigger for motion detection or other sensors
  • Capture picture on demand and at pre-set intervals

Key benefits:

  • Aids decision-making during emergency events
  • Save costs by reducing and prioritising site visits
  • Improve compliance/health and safety by observing key events.


  1. Nexus Observation Camera

    Nexus Observation Camera

    • Low Power GPRS 2 Mega Pixel Camera
    • External PIR input for movement detection
    • Quad Band GPRS class 10 modem
    • Web enabled for instant data access
    • Local and remote alarm configuration

  2. Rugged Nexus Observation Camera

    Rugged Nexus Observation Camera

    • Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium Construction
    • Adjustable camera sliding tray
    • Fully cable managed bracket
    • Side-hinged top cover for easy access
    • Fitted with low power GPRS 2 Mega Pixel Camera

  3. Nexus Camera Pillar

    Nexus Camera Pillar

    • 316 marine grade Stainless Steel Pillar
    • Battery pack 14Ah
    • 4A solar regulator and battery saver circuit built in
    • Fitted with low power GPRS 2 Mega Pixel Camera