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Rugged Nexus Observation Camera


  • Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium Construction
  • Adjustable camera sliding tray
  • Fully cable managed bracket
  • Side-hinged top cover for easy access
  • Fitted with low power GPRS 2 Mega Pixel Camera

Rugged Nexus Observation Camera

Full Description

Nexus Camera with protective Housing; Low Power 2M Pixel GPRS Colour camera with GPS

If additional environmental protection is required for a pole-mounted installation then the Rugged Nexus Camera offers a ruggedised external die-cast aluminium housing for the standard Nexus camera.   A separate instrument cabinet is required to house the battery, a charger- regulator plus any additional optional IR lighting or PIR activation.  Trickle charging options include mains (if available) or from an optional solar panel.

General features are the same as the standard Nexus Camera and are summarised as follows  :-

  • Low Power GPRS 2 Mega Pixel Camera
  • External PIR input for movement detection
  • Quad Band GPRS class 10 modem
  • Web enabled for instant data access
  • Local and remote alarm configuration