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Nexus Observation Camera


  • Low Power GPRS 2 Mega Pixel Camera
  • External PIR input for movement detection
  • Quad Band GPRS class 10 modem
  • Web enabled for instant data access
  • Local and remote alarm configuration

Nexus Observation Camera

Full Description

The Nexus camera is a versatile, low power, high resolution GPRS camera that can be deployed quickly to remote locations. It can be integrated into existing systems, used as a standalone unit or offered as a web hosted solution.

Using a high quality image sensor and industry standard lens housing the camera can be fitted with any lens from ultra wide angle to long focus. It can also be fitted with filtered lenses to allow specific colour ranges or for day/night use. The camera also has a digital zoom function which operates with no loss of resolution. Resolution can be remotely selected and custom set, ensuring that regular watchdog images are low resolution whilst specific images can be taken at up to 2MP.

The camera can also automatically take images on a timed interval basis. Once the image has been taken it is stored internally  (storage for up to 20,000 images).

The camera has an input which can be used to trigger an image. For example a PIR, level sensor, digital output from telemetry system, door contact.

The unit also has an output which can be used to power an IR illuminator, siren, floodlight or input to local telemetry to register that an image has been acquired.

The unit has integrated Bluetooth communication and a configuration application which allows users to quickly connect and setup the camera on site. All settings and configuration can also be accessed remotely, via SMS or direct server connection over GPRS.

Various options are available for capturing and distributing image data including Isodaq's Timeview Telemetry web-service, which also captures the data from any water-level logger linked to the camera at the same site.  Alternatively, the pictures can be captured by SCADA systems or sent to a FTP server. It can even be used as a self-contained unit, delivering images directly via email and MMS.

The camera can be powered off a 12V battery or equipped with a solar panel/regulator for trickle charging at remote sites.

Nexus Camera 

Picture courtesy of Meteor Communications