Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

After Sales Service

After Sales Support

Isodaq Technology, as an operating Division of Hydro-Logic Ltd, has supplied thousands of data acquisition and management systems to hundreds of clients. These systems often comprise of a combination of equipment, field instrumentation, data capture systems and office-based data acquisition and management systems.

Many of these systems (including those supplied under the Isodaq brand) although technically quite complex have been designed and manufactured in-house. Our systems always strive to balance the need for affordability with the clients demand for a high quality product and after-sales service to provide uninterrupted reliable operation in the long-term with minimum maintenance and support.

We pride ourselves in the quality and reliability of our products and the level of after-sales supported provided as an integral part of any system supplied.

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Product Reliability

All Hydro-Logic manufactured products have been designed for long-term reliability due to the continual monitoring of the components used, the manufacturing processes employed, vigorous quality control and comprehensive environmental testing.

We have maintained statistics for all Isodaq-branded products manufactured in the last five years and can demonstrate their reliabliity and commitment to improving our levels of quality, reliability and service; Isodaq loggers / telemetry have a 1.92% board / component failure in the 12 months of supply since 1 January 2004.

Product Warranty

The reliability of our products has enabled us to offer an enhanced warranty as standard (effective from 1 September 2008):

  • Warranty on new Isodaq-branded units and accessories 24 months
  • Warranty on repaired systems 12 months

Terms of the warranty exclude misuse and any other external factors (such as battery leakage). OEM supplier warranties apply to sensors and any other third party items.

Extended warranties are available on our own manufactured equipment for an additional period when purchased at the time of order. The cost of this optional extended warranty as a % of list purchase price (before discounts) is:

  • Extending the warranty period by one year to three years (in total)  10%
  • Extending the warranty period by two years to four years (in total)  20%