Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.


Remote monitoring applications

Our objective is to provide users with a choice of the very best quality measurement systems available on the market today, particularly those that offer the lowest cost of ownership in the long-term. Because HydroLogic Group staff have extensive field operating experience of monitoring networks, our specialists can also give advice on which system is best suited to meet your individual requirements. By understanding your applications and the needs of your business we aim to help you improve data collection efficiency, reduce operating costs, and help your organisation satisfy environmental or regulatory compliance using best measurement practice e.g BSI, CEN or ISO Standards, or certified systems such as the UK Environment Agency's MCERTS scheme.

Our solutions generally fall under two alternative, generic types of measurement systems, both of which offer battery-powered recording of water environment parameters at remote sites, and most also have telemetry capability because we strongly believe that in 2010’s real-time access not only provides the best value for capturing high quality data from remote sites, but it also enables organisations to reduce site visits, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of monitoring work.

These are:-

ISODAQ telemetry loggers with a choice of sensor
Measurement sensors with integral data loggers

The choice of which type of system is preferred is dictated by many different factors, including type of site or process being monitoring, the regulatory regime, the availability of skilled technical staff, the remoteness and accessibility of the site. The degree of integration required with existing monitoring systems e,g SCADA or operational databases, will also determine whether or not our Timeview Telemetry data bureau service is the best way to bring data from remote sites into your corporate network server, your own desktop PC, smart-phone or mobile phone.