Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

Automatic weather stations

Our Log2Net weather and wind logging system offers a low cost solution for acquiring measurements logged at remote sites for real-time monitoring applications.

At the heart of our solution is an Isodaq telemetry data logger which connects to a choice of wind or weather sensors, specially selected from quality manufacturers to cover a wide range of measurement applications and site types.  If you also want to measure rainfall intensity then choose a sensor from our range of recommended rain-gauges.

Our range of wireless outstations includes data loggers with built-in modems.  For automatic weather stations we recommend either GSM/GPRS or Iridium Satellite communications using the following devices :-

GSM/GPRS -  Tadpole GPRS data logger

Iridium Satellite - IridiumLink Satellite data logger

The system automatically transmits data from a remote site using either GPRS or satellite communications and posts the results direct to our secure data-hosting web-site Timeview Telemetry. No need to worry about telemetry infrastructure maintenance or employing telecommunications engineers because Isodaq telemetry solutions are plug-and-play—all you need is a PC with a broadband internet connection. If required, we can will even organise the installation and maintenance of the site to ensure a continuous stream of data.