Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

Flood Warning Systems

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Flood Warning Systems

Isodaq’s low-cost Isodaq telemetry data logger RTUs integrated with our telemetry data acquisition and alarm-message forwarding systems together provide the ideal solution for early warning of key events such as floods, pollution or CSO overflows.

We specialise in providing integrated systems for numerous application in the water and environmental protection industries. Typical flood warning system applications delivered by Isodaq Technology in recent years include :-

  • River flood warning systems
  • Storm intensity alarm warning
  • High groundwater level in mines for adit flood warning
  • Flood gate closure status monitoring
  • Culvert screen blockage warning
  • Urban sewer flood warning

For flood warning applications we offer much more than just telemetry instrumentation with reliable early warning communications. Through our sister company, Hydro-Logic Services LLP, which provides consultancy services we have a strong track record in delivering projects applying the science of flood hydrology and flood risk management including the design of flood forecasting systems. We are therefore able to offer a range of extended services to ensure that communities and properties are protected to the maximum level practicable, thereby reducing the impact and damage from future flood events in an era of global climate change.

Other early warning applications , particularly relating to water quality monitoring and pollution reduction include :-

  • Water quality pollution alerts
  • High turbidity in public supply wells
  • Saline intrusion warning in boreholes
  • Compensation discharge compliance failure
  • Discharge consent failure warning
  • CSO overflow level alarms

We offer a range of telemetry data acquisition systems which provide excellent value for money whatever the budget and in-house technical expertise available. Isodaq Technology have the capability and experience to provide turnkey telemetry solutions or to integrate components of our technology with in-house corporate systems. Options include :-

  1. Web-based data hosting bureau service for collecting data and forwarding alarm messages
    e.g Timeview Telemetry
  2. Supply of a licensed software application Timeview TVA for operation on the client’s own network server
  3. Supply of an ISODAQ FEP6 dedicated front-end processor unit with one or more modems for integration with an existing SCADA or telemetry server
  4. Isodaq RTU’s supplied ready configured with the DNP3 internationally accepted open protocol.

When required our software and IT engineers have the expertise to prepare design and technical specifications for bespoke software applications to ensure that our technology can be integrated into a clients existing system to match specific user or corporate requirements.