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Rainfall Intensity logging

The recommended type of measurement system will depend on several site-specific factors such as :-

  • Measurement accuracy required – uncertainty, repeatability and temperature stability
  • Type of environment – e.g recording raingauges or total precipitation gauges including snow
  • Deployment details– in open-ground, on flat-roof, on pole or lamp-post
  • Range of measurement e.g maximum rainfall intensity
  • Data collection and maintenance frequency
  • Remoteness and accessibility of site
  • Protection from vandalism e.g secure compound for rain-gauge and outstation
  • Services – i.e mains electricity and fixed-line comms.

The initial primary consideration is whether your application requires telemetry communications to the remote site and whether any of the following benefits can be derived for your organisation:-

  • Real-time information - automatic capture of the latest measurement plus recent trends
  • Reduced site visits - saving on the cost of data collection from remote sites, plus lower carbon footprint
  • Prioritising maintenance - maintenance visit call-outs with knowledge of current status or problems
  • Alerts of process or compliance failure - alerts of latest trends towards process or compliance failture
  • Automatic warning and call-outs - generating alarm messages to warn staff of key events

ISODAQ telemetry systems are low-cost and very ease to use and configure, enabling you to bring your field data to your desktop PC without needing to operate complex IT infrastructure.

See our recommended range of recording rain-gauges which should help you choose the right combination with an Isodaq telemetry logger for your particular application.

Our application specialists are always available to provide recommendations based on a full understanding of your requirements. If you have any queries, please summarise the details of your application and the site and send it to :-