Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

Water Level Measurement Options

We offer two alternative types of solution for water level measurement at remote sites based on :-

•   ISODAQ logger or telemetry logger (RTU) linked to a measurement sensor, or
•   Range of integrated logger-sensors from In Situ Inc


ISODAQ telemetry logger (RTU) solutions

The preferred combination of ISODAQ and sensor type will depend on several factors including the type of site and application:-


Deployment  Sensor Type Sensor Type options Isodaq models
Borehole 100-300mm Depth pressure sensor Impress IML, Impress SDI12L Frog R2/R3


Data logger solutions without telemetry

For boreholes and wells only our Frog R2/R3 models can be ordered without a telemetry modem fitted.  See Isodaq Data Loggers for more details of our product range.

Alternatively, for non-telemetry applications, we offer a complimentary range of water-level loggers manufactured by In Situ Inc.