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Water Quality Monitoring

Effective water quality monitoring is the key to environmental protection of watercourses and for reliable process control and wastewater treatment. Discharge consents under EPR regulations dictate that water quality monitoring is undertaken to ensure that consented parameters are below the consented concentrations. Traditionally this has been done using water quality sampling methods but increasingly automatic water quality measurement sensors linked to real-time telemetry is seen as the most reliable and timely means of ensuring that treatment processes are operating efficiently and that EPR compliance is maintained.

Our water quality monitoring equipment suits a variety of monitoring strategies:

  1. Manual Sampling: Involves manually taking portable analysers to site and downloading the information to a field computer or a laptop.
  2. Automatic Sampling: Periodic or event driven samples are taken by an automatic sampler, the samples must then be collected from site for analysis.
  3. Continuous Monitoring: Water quality parameters are continuously monitored on site and recorded by a data logger; results can be either manually downloaded or automatically sent back to a website or to our Isodaq real-time telemetry systems.

All of our water quality monitoring equipment is designed to be low powered as possible making it suitable for remote deployment and/or portable use.

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