Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

Case Studies

Our case studies are listed below.

  • Hydrometric Networks

    EA Framework Loggers
    SEPA Logger Supply
    Pocket Gauger
    EA Framework, ADCPs

  • Flood & Storm Warning

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council
    Edinburgh City Council
    Perth Flood Warning System
    Grille Monitoring in Scottish Borders
    Trash Screen Monitoring in Falkirk
    Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council
    Low Cost Flood Warning Solution

  • Pollution warning

    Turbidity Warning System
    Leachate Monitoring Alarm System
    Leachate Level Monitoring at Ardley

  • Flow Monitoring Networks

    DCWW Network Maintenance
    Compensation Flow Gauge
    Scottish Water Flow Monitoring Contracts
    Romney Marsh Hydrometric Design
    H-ADCP Flow Gauge Installation

  • Time-series Databases

    Water Resource Information System
    Sewer-Flow Survey Project
    Drainage-Area Survey Data Management
    Hydrometric Network Data Management