Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

DCWW Network Maintenance

Hydro-Logic has been commissioned by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water to install, operate and maintain a large network of telemetry enabled reservoir level and compensation flow gauges across the whole of Wales. The initial contract covered five years and following an EU OJEC re-tendering process, a new contract for six years was awarded in April 2006.

Both contracts include the survey and rehabilitation of existing sites, design of new monitoring stations including electronic flow gauges, operation and maintenance of the network and provision of quality controlled data. The network now consists of over 100 sites of which 80 are telemetered using Isodaq outstations connected to either pressure sensors or shaft-encoders. Daily automated data acquisition is managed by two Isodaq FEP6 telemetry servers based at Bromyard and Stirling (as backup). Data is processed on a monthly basis using our Hydrolog4 and Gauger2 system with raw data transferred daily to DCWWs operational database and the final QC'd dataset delivered monthly.

The six-year contract is worth over £1 million and is the second time that we have successfully tendered for it.

The network of recording stations supplied to DCWW provides information on compensation flows and river flow as well as reservoir and borehole levels. Data are transmitted from most sites on a daily basis using the VF and Hawk series of telemetry loggers utilising PSTN, GSM or satellite transmission systems.

Data checks are performed daily on Hydro-Logic's FEP6 and Timeview systems that enable prompt identification of compliance issues or measurement problems. All sites are visited on a monthly basis by Hydro-Logic staff for routine maintenance.

Raw data are transferred to DCWW on a daily basis, with monthly transfers of data that has been validated. The data is used for both operational management and as part of water resource investigations.

This is in accordance with the environmental compliance requirements established with the Environment Agency. This makes provision for satisfying minimum flow requirements so there is enough water in the rivers for fish and other wildlife, and sufficient water downstream for other users.

The project represents an example of good collaboration of different teams within Hydro-Logic working in partnership with DCWW.

Design and installation services were provided by our sister company within the Hydro-Logic Group, Hydro-Logic Services LLP.