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AQUARIUS software

AQUARIUS Time-series database software

Efficient, Accurate, & Defensible Water Data Management AQUARIUS is the leading software for water time series data management.

The world’s most advanced environmental monitoring agencies trust AQUARIUS to achieve higher data integrity, defensibility, and timeliness. Its simple design delivers the latest hydrological science and techniques in an intuitive interface. AQUARIUS allows water resource managers to correct and quality control time series data, build better rating curves, and derive and publish hydrological data in real-time to meet stakeholder expectations.

  • Comprehensive time-series database system
  • QA/QC Your Data in Real-Time
  • Defend Your Data Easily
  • Import & Centralize Your Environmental Data
  • Build Better flow gauge rating curves
  • Apply Complex Calculations & Models in Real-Time
  • Customize Your Reports & Publish to the Web
  • Deploy Successfully with Unmatched Services & Support
Time-Series Visualise
More details on the individual features and modules that AQUARIUS provides can be found using the links below:

A growing International success story

AQUARIUS is now the preferred solution for Hydrometric Data Management for a rapidly growing number of water resource management organisations on several continents - it is software you can trust!

Hundreds of national agencies, state, regional and local water authorities, hydropower operators, mining companies, consulting organizations, and academic groups around the world trust AQUARIUS Software.

Thousands of hydrologists and scientists rely on AQUARIUS every day with more than 10,000 stations hosted in North America alone at the two main government agencies responsible for managing national water resources :-

Water Survey Canada

AQUARIUS is used to centralize and manage data from over 2,400 stream gages across 28 field offices. WSC is leading the way in the end-to-end re-design and re-engineering of its processes, products, and services and is using AQUARIUS for effective real-time, continuous data production. Over 200 WSC hydrographers rely on AQUARIUS as their hydrometric data production and management platform.

US Geological Survey

The USGS chose AQUARIUS for use by 3000 employees of the Water Resources Division to more efficiently manage water time series data nationally. By moving to the most modern commercial environmental time series data management platform, the USGS will increase data consistency, comparability, and reliability. Since 2005, the USGS has relied on AQUARIUS to correct time series data and develop accurate rating curves, saving $3M annually through increased efficiencies (USGS
National Streamflow Information Program Fact sheet 2007). By utilizing the full AQUARIUS system, the USGS anticipates dramatically increasing their time series data management efficiency.