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Harvest Logger Control software

HARVEST is the software package used to initialise, configure and read all ISODAQ loggers and outstations in the field.  It is available in versions for both Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8) and Windows Mobile (3, 5 or 6).

HARVEST provides all the functionality to operate both the logger only and telemetry logger versions of the following models:

  • Hawk XT
  • Frog
  • Tadpole
  • Hawkeye2

Key features:

  • Set up logger for sensor inputs
  • Read logger or interrogate outstation
  • Set up logging strategy and intervals
  • Calibrate sensors and set initial values
  • Monitor current values and battery voltage levels
  • Configure alarm settings
  • Set-up alarm hysteresis levels
  • Activate control output on alarm
  • Configure and test telemetry modems
  • On demand dial-out to any site (if fitted with USB modem)
  • Graph data for all channels
  • Zoom in/out and check values
  • Export data to CSV or XML format files.

The Windows version is supplied free of charge and without licence restrictions

Revision History

Release version 3.5.8 

Version 3.5.8

- Fixed issue with DNP3 Comms Monitoring. On detecting Modem Interrupt before it would end the monitoring session. Now it will notify of the Interrupt but continue to monitor DNP3 communications.

- Fixed issue where CSV export for Rainfall (Event) data where Individual Tips were exported with the option to fill gaps then gap values were incorrectly inserted in this CSV export. Hourly, Daily etc rainfall exports were not affected.

- No longer allows a FROG configuration with the Ch 1 Digital and an SDI-12 channel enabled as the FROG does not support this configuration.

- Added example files for Tadpole R2 including Rainfall, Rainfall and SDI-12 and SDI-12 Level and Temperature only.

- Added firmware files for Tadpole R2 and added the option to apply firmware upgrades to Tadpole R2 devices via Advanced Logger Options -> Upgrade Logger Firmware.

- Added example files for 16 Channel FROG including Rainfall, SDI-12 and 4-20mA in addition to SDI-12.

- Added fields "Logger group" and "Description" to Isodaq CSV Header.

- Added extra validation to Logger Group and Tag to ensure if it is entered as longer than 25 characters that the truncated name does not have any trailing spaces as these cause problems in Windows.

- Added percentage of total calls figure on Call Stats summary dialog in GPRS -> Advanced -> Call Stats.

- Fixed issue with CSV export where export between dates is selected instead of export all. Extra entries outwith the specified dates appeared previously in the exported CSV when the dates specified coincided with gaps in the XDQ data. There is no problem with the Harvest CSV export between dates where there 
are no gaps in the data.

- Added warning if the user sets the SDI-12 From Range for a Level type parameter to 0. SDI-12 level sensors often return the water level over the sensor as a small negative number when there is little or no water over the sensor so Harvest now recommends that the From Range is set as -1 if a From Range of 0 is entered. This is already the default for most of the predefined SDI-12 sensors with level output.

Version 3.5.4

- Check-in failure alarm in XDQA file is now correctly shown on graph as Check-in Failure Alarm and not a Low Battery Alarm.

- Fixed issue in Pocket Harvest where if you selected a timezone other than GMT Casablanca (GMT Casablanca is the recommended timezone) the dates would appear in Pocket Harvest as an hour ahead of what is expected.  There should be no daylight savings in the times used in Harvest/Pocket Harvest.

- Added support for F2270 device (new version of Tadpole Ri). This new version of the Tadpole no longer has 4-20mA sensor support.

- Fixed issue configuring 4 or more derived channels on Tadpole.

- Fixed issue where unsupported sensor option for Frequency were appearing as a sensor option on the FROG, Tadpole, Hawk XT and Hawk RT. Includes 0-1000 Count and 0-10Hz Frequency options that are supported on the VF Series only.

- Added support for DIMA configuration on Hawk XT.

- Added configuration support for recording measurements from the same SDI-12 sensor but using more than one measurement command. e.g. aM! and aM5! At the moment it is possible to select one of these measurement commands for an SDI-12 sensor but not to select more than one measurement command when using the same SDI-12 address. FROG firmware 1.53 and later support this type of configuration.

- Added configuration for Gill MetPak Weather Station SDI-12 sensor.

- Added configuration for Aquaread LeveLine SDI-12 sensor.

- Firmware updates include

FROG firmware 1.53 and equivalents.
Hawk XT Mk 1 2.26 and equivalents.
Hawk XT Mk 2 102.26 and equivalents.

Version 3.5.3

- Modified firmware upgrade utility so that it will not let you put Hawk XT Mk1 firmware on a Mk2 board and vice versa.

- Improved COM port selection to give the option of not enumerating the USB devices (to give device names on relevant ports) which can take a while on some PCs.

- Fixed issue when using DIMA sensor with Tadpole where 10s and 30s measurement intervals were not showing and SDI-12 measurement command option was incorrectly showing.

- Added configuration for Munro MK1 Wind Speed and Direction SDI-12 Sensor.

- Fixed issue where Derived channel tab was not showing in Harvest for the FROG or Tadpole if both the digital and analog channels were enabled.

- Fixed loophole when setting level using an SDI-12 level sensor where it occasionally received an invalid response from the sensor but continued to set the level taking the water depth over the sensor as zero.

- Completely disabled Help -> Check For Updates option in Windows 7 and later as it a bit misleading in that it tried to check for the latest version without warning that it is not supported.

- Changed wording in Pocket Harvest of some of GPRS Check-in Options as some of the options were not clear that they also include Daily Checkin as well as the alarm condition check-in frequency.

- Fixed issue where Tadpole configuration Channel 2 was disabled it was shown as "Ch 2 4-20mA" instead of  "Ch 2 4-20mA or Digital" as it should have been.

- Derives SDI-12 depth over sensor values where level has been set with an SDI-12 sensor. Harvest now displays these values on the graph in Harvest where they can be derived. For XDQ files the depth over the sensor can be derived for all the data. For XDQA files the depth over the sensor can be derived 
back until the logger was last reset.

- Firmware updates include

Hawk XT Mk 1 2.23 and equivalents.
Hawk XT Mk 2 102.23 and equivalents.

Version 3.5.2
- Added support for concurrent SDI-12 measurements C! (where logger firmware supports it) on the FROG, Tadpole and Hawk XT.
- After setting level with an SDI-12 level sensor the level observed and set is returned in the data file instead of QNAN.
- Added Refresh button to SDI-12 configuration tab so that the user can retrieve measurement updates from an SDI-12 sensor without having to wait for the next measurement.
- Added support for 16 channel version of FROG and Tadpole.
- Added configuration for Aqua Troll 400 SDI-12 sensor.
- Added configuration for Sutron Weighing Principle Raingauge SDI-12 sensor.
- Fixed issue that was causing Harvest to occasionally crash when setting level with an SDI-12 sensor.
- Added configuration for FTS DigiTemp Submersible SDI-12 Temperature Sensor.
- Fixed issue where 4-20mA channel refresh mA values is out by a factor of 10.  It was reading   as a voltage and not a mA reading.
- Firmware updates include
  Hawk XT Mk 1 2.22 and equivalents.
  Hawk XT Mk 2 102.22 and equivalents.
  FROG RX 1.52 and equivalents. 
  Tadpole 1.55 and DNP3 equivalent.
  The FROG, Tadpole and Hawk XT firmware versions above support the SDI-12 Concurrent Measurement command C!  

Version 3.4.4 (Updated 14th Nov 2013)

- Added reduced battery life warning when logging frequency of less than 5 mins is selected.

- Added fix for graphing issue where current value is QNAN and the graph is scaled to try and allow for this (it should not rescale for QNAN it should just show it).

- Fixed issue configuring Derived channels on Hawk XT and FROG.

- Added Wiring Guide for Tadpole.

- Added Telenor GPRS settings for Denmark.

- Includes new firmware versions  FROG RX 1.47 and equivalents.

Version 3.4.3 (Updated 14th Nov 2013)

- Fixed issue configuring Group and Tag only on FROG when 8 SDI-12 sensors are configured.

- Added logger Serial Number to Isodaq CSV Header.

- Added configuration for OTT CBS Bubble SDI-12 sensor.

- Fixed issue with configuration for more than one SDI-12 sensor with Hawkeye 2 i/s.

- Fixed issue where setting the units to "%sat" would cause Harvest to crash.  The "%s" was causing a problem internally in Harvest.

- Added new menu entry Help -> View Release Notes to link to the Harvest Readme with Version History and Release Notes.

- Includes new firmware versions

  FROG RX 1.46 and equivalents.
  Tadpole 1.52.
  Hawk XT 2.18 and equivalents. 

- Added GPRS settings for Wireless Logic UK Roaming SIMs that are not supplied by Isodaq.  These settings are different to those for Wireless Logic SIMs supplied by Isodaq.

- XDQ version that reads logger is now added to XDQ files created - this helps with troubleshooting.  e.g.  <swversion>Xdq Version 7.67 Build date Sep 20 2013 15:56:12</swversion>  <hwversion>Windows</hwversion>

- No longer allows special characters to be entered in the System Group and Tag which is used to create the site folder.  Characters such as Ø, à, æ, €, μ and Φ are no longer allowed.

- Fixed issue upgrading firmware on loggers from old register maps to new register maps that include preferred network fields.  The firmware upgrade was causing the preferred network field to be corrupted and the logger was trying to register with the network specified that didn't exist.

- Improved Dial Numbers tab adding descriptions to Dial Numbers 1-4.

- Added reduced battery life warning when check-in frequency of every hour or more is selected.

Version 3.4.2 (Updated 7th Aug 2013)

- Release version including firmware

  Hawk XT Mk 1 1.48, 1.58, 1.71, 2.17 and equivalents.
  Hawk XT Mk 2 102.17 and equivalents.
  Hawk RT 1.54 and equivalents.
  FROG RX 1.45 and equivalents.
  Tadpole 1.51.

- Added configuration support for up to 8 SDI-12 separate sensors on the same FROG, Tadpole or Hawk XT.  It should be noted that although recording one parameter from 8 different SDI-12 sensors is technically possible on these loggers (provided the overall power consumption is low enough), powering 8 separate sensors from an internal logger battery will undoubtedly have a significant impact on expected battery life and this should be taken into account when setting up a configuration like this.

- Added configurations for itmsoil SDI-12 Uni and Bi Axial inclinometers to predefined SDI-12 sensor list.

Version 3.4.1

- Fixed issue with number formatting on HE2i/s Ultrasonic sensor recalibration where the number format is of the form 0,335.  Countries which use the number format of the form 0.335 are unaffected by this.

- Added Pulse Relay Every Sample alarm option for HE2i/s with xx.51 firmware or later.

- Modified rainfall alarm display.  Now only shows rainfall alarm setpoint if the bar width is less than or equal to the Integration period of the rainfall alarm setpoint.  i.e. only shows 10mm in 1 hour alarm setpoint if bars being shown are hourly or a lesser period.

- Warning to user when configuring rainfall channel with decimals 0.  You would not normally want this if rainfall was being recorded in millimetres.

- Firmware ZIP includes updated Hawk XT firmware (Mk1 and Mk2 versions xx.17) that resolves the checkin issue that was present in the xx.16 XT firmware.

- Fixed issue with DIMA sensor configuration on FROG.  It was possible to select the DIMA SDI-12 sensor but the mode was not set correctly on the logger itself to use On-Off logging i.e. only record values where there was a change in value from the previous state.

- Displays last 4 digits of the SIM ICCID identifier (e.g. last 4 digits of long SIM id number 8944110064567428671 would be reported as 8671) if it is present on the logger.

- Added configuration support for SDI-12 Ultrasonic sensor for HE2i/s.

- Added enhanced configuration support for Tadpole Channel 2.  It now lets you select 4-20mA analog or digital configuration as the Tadpole supports this.

- Added checks for invalid configurations on Tadpole and Hawkeye 2i/s (e.g. 2 digital and SDI-12).

- Added support for opening XDQA files using the File menu options.  You can select File -> Open Files... and now select XDQ or XDQA files for opening.  It would only let you choose .XDQ files before.

- Added new Tadpole Rainfall and Hawkeye 2 i/s Ultrasonic SDI-12 example files.

- If Dial number is present in XDQ file (it is automatically added when it is read) then that phone number will be dialled when reconfiguring a site remotely from Harvest.  This is to try and ensure the correct site is called when reconfiguring especially if lots of sites are being read and reconfigured.

- Added support for Tadpole regmap 1.20.

- Added support for configuring Timezone stored on logger if the field is present (it is on newest device register maps for FROG, Tadpole and Hawkeye 2 i/s).

Version 3.3.9

- Fixed local comms issue with PSTN Hawks where the blue LED would come on but Identify Device failed.

- Fixed incorrect Isodaq website URL when updating using the "Check For Updates" feature.  Harvest page on website had moved and the link only took you to the homepage instead of direct to the Harvest software page.

- Fixed issue with Network Mast Location map display.

Version 3.3.8

- Updated FROG, Tadpole and F1203 firmware.  Dialout only gets triggered when pressing, holding and releasing the dialout button.  It will still flash yellow when the dialout
  button is held down but it won't do the actual dialout until the button is released.  This will stop repeated dialouts if the dialout button is faulty or shorted.  Updated FROG firmware is version xx.44, Tadpole firmware version is xx.47 and F1203 firmware version xx.47.

- Updated Hawk XT firmware to eliminate occasional reading dropouts caused by a measurement failing to get written to memory when the logger is busy with modem communications. Firmware version xx.16.

- Added 50 second sensor warmup option for the FROG.  If sensor warmup is greater than 6 seconds the current value will be taken as the last logged value when the logger is read back.  If this configuration option is selected, the user will get a warning that it will significantly affect the logger battery life.

- Added trigger relay option on alarm for Hawkeye 2i/s. This option can be used to close a contact and trigger an action e.g. trigger a camera to take an image.

- No longer shows GPRS APN, Username and Password details when selecting Roaming Network preferred networks.  If network being selected as one of the preferred networks does not have network ID (Mobile Country Code MCC and Mobile Network Code MNC) in Harvest GPRS database then the user can enter it manually.  MCC/MNC codes are built in to Harvest for all UK based mobile networks so this should only be necessary for some networks outwith the UK.

- Removed Hawk XT colour specific sensor wiring information but left generic wiring information like Sensor + and Sensor -.  The colour specific wiring information was removed because sensor manufacturers may change their wiring colours at any time.

- Adjusted sensor warmup selection when configuring FROG and Tadpole.  Sensor Power option on channel tab is now the only place to select sensor warmup instead of in the Calibration dialog as before.

Version 3.3.7

- Added support for communicating with F1203 device regmap 119.

- Added configuration support for F1203 and Tadpole devices.

- Clears frequent checkin window on FROG if upgrading firmware to new register map 1.19.  This avoids uninitialised values for these new parameters.

- Updated FROG and F1260 example files to use the most recent register map.

- Fixed bug with cursor text on graph.  This was apparent when loading multiple XDQ files from the same logger and the "join" lines on the graph marking where each data file started had the text from the next day instead of the correct one.

- Fixed issue where configuration was not showing DNP3 tab when it should have been on the Hawk XT DNP3 and Hawk RT DNP3.

- Modified example data files for Hawk XT, Hawk RT and FROG so that they all include at least one DNP3 example configuration.

- Added "% or mm" units option for HE2i/s similar to the option offered for HE1 and HE2 graphs.

- Added water over level sensor estimate to F1260 graph when F1260 is configured for percentage using a pressure transducer.

- Added configuration for TekBox TBSMP02 Soil Moisture SDI-12 sensor.

- Added configuration for Sommer Snowmelt Analyser SDI-12 sensor.

- Improved Modbus serial communications by sending packets in chunks instead of character by character in the same way that GPRS transfers are done.  This has resulted in improved speed and efficiency in reading and configuring loggers.

- Fixed bug with 4-20mA "hover over" display text on graphs.  The mA value was showing incorrectly even though the current value in mA was showing correctly.

Version 3.3.6

- Added support for HE2i/s regmap 120 that includes system description field.  It does not exist and will now not show on earlier regmaps for the HE2i/s.

- Includes firmware type in template file for HE2i/s so that Harvest knows what fields to show on configuration.

- Added fix for Monitor Comms issue where it would stop recording once edit box was full (more than 2000 characters).  Now once it is full it will now just clear what text was there and start again.

- Added estimate of Water over sensor for FROG 4-20mA Pressure Sensor.

- New firmware feature in FROG regmap 1.18, firmware version xx.41 or later to have logger check in more frequently between two specified times each day. For example, every hour between 0900 and 1800 and no call between 1800 and 0900.  This can be specified when configuring the FROG by going to the GPRS tab and selecting Advanced.

- Added validation for Timeswitch, Checkin and Frequent Checkin Times.

- Added Timestamp for Monitor Comms for Modem Commands and Modbus packets if Comms Debug is selected.

- Fixed issue with "Save Log" option, for example when Monitoring Comms has finished.  Log was either not saving or getting corrupted.

- Fixed issue where Process Signal Generic 4-20mA configuration was not showing Raw Value on graph.

- XT and FROG firmware now updates SDI-12 measurements even if it is behind schedule provided the sensor does not take too long to retrieve the measurements.

- Firmware on FROG (version xx.42) that includes Roaming support now forces switching to 2nd preferred network if it is specified and dialout fails using the 1st preferred network.  If dialout continues to fail it will continue to switch between the 1st and 2nd preferred networks.  This will help the situation where there is a signal on the 1st preferred network but not enough GPRS or CSD to complete the dialout.

- Firmware on Hawk XT (version xx2.12) includes improved SDI-12 and enhanced 4-20mA sensor power behaviour.  Aux processor watchdog clear command for shaft encoder modified to prevent analog glitches.  If logger is running behind schedule after comms, SDI-12 measurements will now be taken if measurement delay is only a few seconds.  Ensures warmup is strictly observed even if logger is running behind schedule.  Keeps sensor power on for a short period after a comms session.

- Added option to configure Dryness alarm on HE2.

- Fixed tab order for DNP3 FROG when adding 2nd derived channel.

- Fixed issue with Generic 8 Channel SDI-12 Sensor in countries where the default number formatting is of the form "123 456" instead of "123456"  i.e. with a space in it.  The space in the default range of 10000 was causing the range to be truncated to 10.

- Added check to ensure a derived channel cannot have its source channel as one that does not exist.  This was causing XDQ to crash if an invalid source channel is selected e.g. source channel 4 when there are only 3 channels in total.

- "Save Log" option now appears in Advanced Logger Options -> Monitor Comms and Upgrade Logger Firmware when session has been stopped. 

- Fixed GDI resource leak in one of the text components used.

- Fixed issue with Pocket Harvest where it was possible to get the COM port selector page when trying to read a logger back instead of the normal console view.  This was only happening if you went through the wizard pressing Next very quickly and repeatedly.

Version 3.3.5

- If available Network Operator name is displayed on the Summary status page.

- Raw value from 4-20mA sensor is now displayed as mA instead of voltage for all types of logger.

- DNP3 Dial Numbers are now shown and can be enabled with a DNP3 tickbox instead of having to prefix the number with the letter 'D'.  DNP3 dial number is still stored on the logger with a D prefix but it is not shown that way in the Dial Numbers configuration screen any more.

- Fixed bug with SDI-12 alarm configuration where it would pick up alarm settings from a previous sensor configuration even when selecting a new sensor.

- Does not allow a logger to be reset with the config of a different type of device.  e.g. it will not allow reconfiguration of a FROG with a Hawk XT configuration.

- Added Modem Bit Error Rate reporting for F1260.

- Added estimate of Water over sensor for F1260 4-20mA Pressure Sensor.

- Added option to specify outgoing TCP GPRS port for each Dial Number on F1260.

Version 3.3.4

- Fixed issue with Pocket Harvest serial comms in version 3.3.2.

- Lithium and alkaline logger battery levels now show red on the Summary tab even if no battery alarms are set.  Lithium battery goes red if < 3.4V and alkaline battery goes red if < 6.0V.

- Changed Hawkeye2i default ultrasonic 4-20mA sensor range to 0 to 5700mm.

Version 3.3.3

- Hawkeye 2i configuration enhancements including improved sensor selection and default values.

- Enhanced Modbus data transmission sequence checking.

Version 3.3.2

- Includes firmware
  Hawk XT Mk 1 1.48, 1.58, 1.71, 2.09 and equivalents.
  Hawk XT Mk 2 102.09 and equivalents.
  Hawk RT 1.54 and equivalents.
  FROG RX 1.39 and equivalents.

- Lets the user set the number of decimal places to use for a parameter on Hawkeye 1/2 devices.

Version 3.2.9

- Derived daily totals support added including the possibility of deriving
  daily totals from an existing derived flow rate channel.
- Added initial support for configuration of F1260 (Hawkeye 3) devices.
- Improved Fixed IP communications speed by modifying the GPRS data sent packet sizes.
- Hawkeye mm level fix for when Refresh is pressed on Channel tab.
- Does not allow Medina Outstation ID of 1 as this was leading to usemodbusid being 1 if firmware was upgraded to DNP3.
- Does not show Medina tab if loading a template file from a Hawkeye 1 or 2.  Stores device id in Hawkeye 2 template file so that it knows whether to show DNP3 or Medina tab.
- Fixed possible crash situation when loading multiple XDQ files with very long file names.
- Added support for SDI-12 addresses a-z A-Z in addition to 0-9 (where the logger firmware supports it).
- Added specific configurations for Float Switch and 4-20mA ultrasonic and level sensors for Hawkeye 3.
- Added sensor out of range warnings for SDI-12 graphs.  This is useful to learn about possible issues with the sensor itself or the configuration.
- Added example configuration files for FROG derived channels and daily flow totals.
- Fixed bug with SDI-12 configuration where measurement command is not M! e.g. it is M3! or M5! When setting level it was still using the M! command to get the current level instead of the appropriate M3! or M5! command etc.
- Added support for selecting R! SDI-12 command to record data from an SDI-12 sensor. This option will be displayed in the SDI-12 configuration options where FROG firmware is 1.39 or later and Hawk XT firmware is 2.09 or later.
- Added support for Roaming SIM network selection on HE2i/s.
- Added Mobile Network Information (if available) for HE2i/s.
- Added Call Statistics display for HE2i/s.

Version 3.2.8 (Updated 28th Sep 2011)

- Added optional trace of logger Current Consumption to Harvest graphs.
- No longer allows apostrophe characters to be used in the logger Group and Tag.  No longer allows them to start with a space either - it is confusing.
- Added note for Windows 7 users if they cannot see any files when looking for logger data in C:Program FilesHarvestdata.  Under Windows 7 and Windows Vista, users may need to select the "Compatibility Files" option in Windows Explorer from the C:Program FilesHarvest directory in order to find the data files within the "data" folder.
- Renamed "Plot Battery Voltage" to "Plot System Status" on graph right click menu for clarification.
- Added SDI-12 channel resolution display (for information purposes) on the Calibration options for an SDI-12 channel. This is to show the resolution that results after converting the floating point values from the sensor to scaled unsigned integers in order to store the values on the logger itself.
- Added In-Situ Aquatroll 100 and 200 Water Quality sensors to default SDI-12 sensor list.
- Added Ponsel SDI-12 Water Quality sensors to sensor list.  These include the OPTOD Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor, Turbidity sensor, pH Redox Temperature and C4E Conductivity sensor.
- Added example file for FROG with OTT Pluvio Raingauge and FROG with IMP ultrasonic level sensor.
- Modified transparent SDI-12 command to Request Sensor ID to work for Aquatroll 100 and 200 sensors. It was considering the response to be invalid (a modem response) because it contained "AT".
- Fixed issue with multi column (multi parameter) CSV export where one channel was a periodic one and the other was non periodic (e.g. Rainfall).  The rainfall tips were shown as blank if they did not match the periodic interval timestamps.
- Includes firmware
  Hawk XT Mk 1 1.48, 1.58, 1.71, 2.03 and equivalents.
  Hawk XT Mk 2 102.03 and equivalents.
  Hawk RT 1.48 and equivalents.
  FROG RX 1.35 and equivalents.
- Fixed issue with Firmware Upgrades where if you did not have the Identify Device and Read and Reset Device tickboxes checked and the Firmware upgrade was cancelled, it was saying that the Firmware Upgrade had finished OK even though it hadn't.
- Added option to communicate directly with Fixed IP outstations without the need for a modem.  When entering the Dial Number you can now put in the IP address of the logger and the TCP port to connect on and it will try to connect and communicate to the logger through the internet instead of having to do a CSD call as before.  Harvest remembers both Fixed IP address and phone number for sites so they can be contacted by either method.  This requires Fixed IP firmware on the logger and the logger must be fitted with a Fixed IP SIM card.
- Added call duration and GPRS data volume statistics to XDQ files saved and to logger summary page.
- Added advanced option to show extra comms debug information.

Version 3.2.7

- Firmware version feature identification/description modified on tabbed configuration window to include Standard, DNP3, Fixed IP, GPRS.
- Fixed string buffer overflow possibility on saving XDQ file.
- Fixed xml to float array conversion issue.
- Added support for F1260 device.

Version 3.2.6

- Fixed occasional crash with drawing of rainfall alarms setpoints.
- Handles graphing and exporting of rainfall files where multiple tips have exactly the same timestamp.
- Removed FROG configuration option of setting SDI-12 current level via the Configure -> Set Current Level -> SDI-12 tab.   This was an error and should only apply to non SDI-12 level sensors.  The way to set the current level with a FROG and SDI-12 level sensor is to use the Configure All Parameters option.
- Added 5 minute GPRS checkin option on alarm condition (where the firmware supports it).

Version 3.2.5

- Fixed issue with configuration of FROG derived channels including adding an offset to a single channel.

Version 3.2.4 (Updated 26th Apr 2011)

- Made clarifications to SDI-12 sensor wiring to include more terminology that may be used to
  describe the different sensor wires and how they should be wired to the FROG.
- Clearer warnings are given when exiting the configuration screen without
  applying any changes to the logger.  Renamed "Save" and "Load" buttons
  to "Save to Disk..." and "Load Config" respectively.
- Includes firmware
  Hawk XT Mk 1 1.48, 1.58, 1.71, 1.94 1.95 (Fixed IP) and DNP3 equivalents.
  Hawk XT Mk 2 1.96, DNP3 21.96 and Fixed IP 1.97.
  Hawk RT 1.46, DNP3 21.46 and Fixed IP 1.47.
  FROG 1.32 and DNP3 21.32 (supports D and E rev FROG board).  Fixed IP 1.33 and DNP3 Fixed IP 21.33.
- Added Ponsel Generic 5 Parameter SDI-12 sensor configuration.
- Added Alarm Count for logger on Summary screen and latest alarm details hover text.
- Fixed bug with Cursor position when you click on the graph to see details
  for a particular record.
- DNP3 firmware now supports DNP3 reporting of "offset" type of derived channels.
- Does not show GPRS checkin offset option for Daily Checkin option - this was misleading.
- Shows DNP3 Scaling Factor for Channel Parameter for Hawkeye 1, Hawkeye 2, FROG, Hawk XT and Hawk RT devices.
- Fixed issue with calibration parameter dialog for X and Y velocities on ChannelMaster SDI-12 configuration.
- Added plot of modem signal strength for XDQA plotting or for multiple XDQ files loaded together.
- Fixed issue where software would crash on rare occcasions if logger channel being read had a corrupt configuration.
- Fixed issue where loading a template file for the Isodaq digital interface would result in a version error message.
- Fixed issue on Isodaq SDI-12 Digital Interface configuration was not set up correctly having the mode '0' instead of the correct mode 'D'.

Version 3.2.2 (Updated 8th Feb 2011)

- Fixed CSV export issue in Pocket Harvest - strange characters were being appended to the end of the CSV file names.
- Does not give the choice of regular alarm check-ins on Hawk XT firmware version 1.58 as it does not support it.
- Fixed issue with drawing of XDQA alarms on graphs.  One alarm was sometimes not drawn or the wrong type of alarm was drawn.

- Patched version of Harvest 3.2.2 released on 8th Feb 2011 includes firmware

  Hawk XT 1.48, 1.58, 1.71, 1.84 and 1.85 (fixed IP) and DNP3 equivalents.
  Hawk RT 1.38 and DNP3 21.38.
  FROG 1.26, 1.27 (fixed IP) and DNP3 21.26 (supports D and E rev FROG board). 

  Hawk XT 21.84 and FROG 21.26 DNP3 supports some types of derived channels.

The new firmware versions are the only changes - the Harvest executable remains unchanged from the preceding 3.2.2 Harvest release on 1st Feb 2011.

Version 3.1.9

- Added GPRS check-in options of 4, 6, 8 and 12 hours with 15 min updates on alarms.  No need for any firmware changes to support this.
- Prevented possible issue writing datanum to Hawkeye 2 devices.

Version 3.1.8

- Does not allow FROG to be configured for Isodaq 8 Way Digital Status SDI-12 sensor if firmware is 1.20 or less.
- Does not allow FROG to be configured for Daily Pulse Count Totals if firmware is 1.21 or less.
- Allows different storage intervals for different SDI-12 sensors as long as they are a factor of one another e.g. 5 minutes and 15 minutes.
- No longer uses ?! to wake up SDI-12 sensors in transparent mode when sending SDI-12 commands from Harvest e.g. Requesting measurements from SDI-12 sensor.
- Fixed issue in FROG configuration where 4-20mA sensor was enabled and SDI-12 channel was enabled but no parameters were selected and it incorrectly configured 2 channels.
- No longer displays Low Battery and Telemetry Disabled warnings if you are loading a saved XDQ template as by double clicking or loading it in Harvest.  These warnings only apply if there is real data in the XDQ file.
- Added support for 1072 FROG device.
- Added check-in offset option for GPRS check-in.  e.g.  Check-in every 12 hours with a 4 hour offset gives check-ins of approximately 0400 and 1600 instead of 0000 and 1200 with no offset.
- New feature allows user to select SDI-12 measurement command.  Before it would always use M! and you could not change that.  Now you can select M!, M0!, M1!, M2! etc.  This is of use for sensors that do not return the parameters that you want to record to the M! command.
- Check-in times and Timeswitch times are specified in UTC.  GPRS check-in offset is specified in terms of UTC+4 hours, for example.
- Fixed issue with multiple derived channels on the Hawk XT.

Version 3.1.7

- Added new feature to display full output filenames and links after exporting data to CSV/RLS file etc.
- Save as XDQA option.
- Added support for 8 way digital SDI-12 sensor in Multi-Parameter CSV.
- Added some system and memory diagnostics to About dialog.
- Added example Hawk RT data files for A42, A43, A44, A46, A52 and A61 application cards.  Added wiring details for Hawk RT A52 and A61 application cards.
- Channel Units in logger configuration can be edited on the Channel tab without having to go into Change Sensor/Calibration.
- SDI-12 units can be edited from table on SDI-12 tab without having to click on Calibration.
- COM port selection uses the previously selected port by default so it no longer has to scan the list of all available ports which can take quite some time on some machines.  COM port can still be changed but it is only done when the user specifically chooses to change it.
- Added a Generic 8 Channel SDI-12 Sensor to the list of SDI-12 sensors.  The range, units and parameter names can be modified to suit the sensor being used.

Version 3.1.6

- Fixed intermittent issue setting SDI-12 level with some Hawk XT units.  When setting level, XT would not go back into SDI-12 transparent mode to retrieve the water depth from the sensor.  Extended comms activity to ensure XT always goes into this mode.

- Fixed bug with exporting multi channel data immediately after it was read from the logger - only one channel was being exported.

Version 3.1.5

- Added Isodaq SDI-12 8 Way Digital Sensor
- New versions of firmware
- FROG DNP3 version 21.17 (Fixed bug with DNP3 Rainfall reporting)
- Hawk XT version 1.79 DNP3 version 21.79 (Fixed bug modem shutdown glitch)
- Fixed small memory leak with graph popup detail text.
- Windows 7 specific Harvest fixes.  View Data File now works - uses Temporary Internet folder to temporarily store XML file instead of c:Program FilesHarvest.  Data is automatically saved in c:Program FilesHarvestdata by default but you have to either save it somewhere else or go to the folder in Windows Explorer and select Compatibility Files and it will then display the hidden XDQ data files in that folder.  Check For Updates does not work in Windows 7 because of tight security on the directory c:Program FilesHarvest.  Check for Updates link now takes you to a link on the Isodaq website on Windows 7.
- Added option Help -> Logger Manuals to provide an automatic web link to get the latest version of the data logger manuals for Hawk XT, Hawk RT and FROG.

Version 3.1.4  (Updated 28th April 2010)

- Added option for Daily Flow Totals with alarms on FROG and Hawk RT.
- Added Vietnam GPRS configuration settings.
- New versions of firmware with updated GSM and GPRS support for Telit GSM modem and Daily Flow Totals configuration option.
-  FROG version 1.16 (DNP3 version 21.16)
-  Hawk RT version 1.36 (DNP3 version 21.36)
-  Hawk XT version 1.78 (DNP3 version 21.78)

Version 3.1.3

- Fixed issue with pulse input and a derived flow channel on the Hawk XT and FROG.
- Fixed issue displaying two digital channels on Hawk RT with A45 card Ch 1 and Ch 3 digitals configured. 
- Fixed issue with GPRS check-in options Daily Checkin with more regular check-ins when in alarm condition. Loggers were checking in hourly etc all the time instead of only in alarm condition.

Version 3.1.2

- Added SDI-12 sensor management.  The user can now add, edit or remove SDI-12 from a User Defined SDI-12 Sensor list.  The full sensor list XdqSens.xml comes with the Harvest software installer and gets updated on every new installation or software update.  The library of User Defined SDI-12 Sensors
is maintained in the file UserSdi12Sensors.xml and it is not overwritten when a new version of the software is installed. 
- Lets you choose the SDI-12 level calibration type even if the Channel tag is not "Stage".  The SDI-12 channel calibration now has an option for all channels of "SDI-12 Normal" calibration or "SDI-12 Set Level" calibration.
- Added example data files for FROG with In-Situ RDO PRO and FROG with In-Situ Aqua Troll 200.
- Added YSI 600 OMS SDI-12 sensor.
- Fixed problem with number formatting on with numbers of 1000 or over. This
was related to the new floating point formatting using the Windows locale.

Version 3.1.0

- Added "joins" on graph for XDQA file display.  Will show system status values when you hover over check-in date.
- Changed SDI-12 level setting.  Local comms no longer requires "last logged value" to be valid when setting SDI-12 level - now talks directly to sensor when setting SDI-12 level.  Setting SDI-12 level remotely by dialling site with a modem still uses "last logged value" method.
- Fixed bug where you could not set level to 0.0 with an SDI-12 sensor.
- Formats floating point numbers using Windows locale.  e.g. 1,6 or 1.6.

Version 3.0.9

- Removed possible bug with SDI-12 channel re-calibration.  When re-calibrating an SDI-12 channel on a sensor it was possible that a "Stage/Level" level reading could get corrupted.
- Added In-Situ RDO Pro DO SDI-12 sensor.
- Fixed bug with Setting level Below Datum with an SDI-12 sensor.  There were issues when changing from Above to Below datum.

Version 3.0.8  (Updated 4th February 2010)

- Added Campbell Scientific Temperature And Relative Humidity CS215 SDI-12 sensor
- Added OTT SE 200 SDI-12 shaft encoder sensor.
- No longer allows 10s or 30s logging for SDI-12 on Hawk XT or FROG.
- Contains Slovakian GPRS settings
- Now possible to specify the number of decimals for an SDI-12 channel.
- Fixed FROG bug where adding a second SDI-12 sensor would cause a problem.
- Fixed FROG bug with derived channel where you could not select the channel to be derived from.
- Fixed FROG and Hawk XT bug with derived channel where it was sometimes not shown correctly.
- Fixed bug with FROG configuration where if you selected SDI-12 address 2 it would appear as a Channel 2.
- Now only shows appropriate sensors for FROG Channel 1 (Digital) and Channel 2 (4-20mA).
- No longer shows FROG "Description" field which is not available on the FROG.
- No longer shows GPRS data usage field as Telit QC864 modem does not support it
- Fixed bug with DNP3 address changing when using "Set Telemetry Parameters" only (it would not change the values on logger even though you entered them).
- Comes with Hawk XT firmware 1.76 and 21.76, Hawk RT firmware 1.32, FROG firmware 1.12 and 21.12.  This provides support for Telit QC864 modem in addition to GR64 and GM47 GSM/GPRS modems.
- Plots HLC history
- Hawkeye 1 and 2 firmware no longer comes with the installation.

Version 3.0.6  (Updated 20th October 2009)

- Added Channel Number e.g. Ch 6 to SDI-12 data graph title.
- Fixed bug that meant that the SDI-12 address that you entered did not get used when you were sending a "Request Measurements" SDI-12 command.  It was always defaulting to address 0 no matter what was selected.
- Fixed issue where Hawk RT Rainfall example file could not be loaded.
- Added GSM Signal Test option to save graph of results to the Clipboard for putting in reports or saving to bitmap file.
- Updated list of SDI-12 sensors.