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Software Development Services

Bespoke software development services

We believe that the best software and database tools reflect the core functions and aspirations of an organisation, and help it to achieve its aims through efficiency, communication, and delivery.

We aim to be the market leading UK-based provider of special applications primarily for water and other environmental field monitoring - including data provision and data exchange; early warning systems; forecasting; long term time series data storage; and industry specific analysis packages.
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We have been producing software products and offering data migration and bespoke software services since Hydro-Logic Ltd was established in 1985. Many of these products subsequently produced have become industry standards for hydrometric data management.   Our core technologies encompass flow data processing and telemetry data acquisition combined with time-series database technology for managing high-resolution data from large networks of digital data-logger derived readings.

Our clients often require bespoke development services linked to the supply of our standard software products.   Services have included customised inputs and outputs from a time-series database which forms the heart of the system.

We use a range of development tools including Microsoft Visual Studio, C# and other implementations of C, ASP.NET, classic ASP and PHP, Cake and SQL, and have depth of experience in a range of databases including SQL Server and MySQL. We are also experts in data migration and specialist file handling.

Our core team of in-house developers work full time for the Company and can be supplemented by tried and trusted specialists, where necessary, and we can provide a range of skill sets to match your requirements.

Examples of the bespoke applications engineered strictly to client requirements include:
• a browser-based Management Information System for a Utility Company;
• a set of commercial project management and financial reporting tools including cost projections and staff time monitoring and lone worker safety;
• a secure Web Site encapsulating International Standards Organisation calculations combined with graphical and tabular results for a national regulation authority;
• an easily extendible data acquisition module incorporating large numbers of data readers and converters for a wide range of clients;
• a data provisioning interface with visualisation tools for a public information system at a National Museum;
• a public facing browser front end for time series and qualitative data for a Midlands University;
• a spatial and time series point measurement database, incorporating a GIS and a high performance calculations module for a scientific research council.

The following two examples illustrate some of the bespoke software development and integration work that Isodaq has recently completed.   These projects have involved regular consultation and feedback from the client resulting in software that meets their precise needs.  These bespoke software changes have meant time and efficiency savings and in some cases has made much greater data integration possible within the client's existing company infrastructure.

Water Company Water Situation Report publishing

A UK water supply company approached HL to replace an obsolete database used to help update water resource situations reports. HL’ brief was to build a new water resource information system around the HL’s proven time-series database technology combined with our Open Database Toolkit.

The client wanted to replace an in-house developed database which was linked to a series of Excel spreadsheets to produce all the summaries of key indicators such as source outputs, daily demand and reservoir storage and yields. HL's solution was based on our HydroLog4 time-series database system which provides a vast range of standard printed and graphical reports but also enabled a high degree of customised analysis, enabling the client to maintain their investment in the array of existing spreadsheet templates.   There was also a need to link incoming data from the water companies SCADA system to minimise the need for manual entry of some data already captured automatically on a daily basis. This was achieved by providing HL's TaskMaster Scheduler module to manage transfer of data automatically on a scheduled daily basis.

Subsequently a second phase of development was commissioned by the client to link the HydroLog4 database to HL's Time-series Publisher tools, which enabled managers to obtain summary reports and graphs of key resource data posted onto the company intranet, so that a larger group of staff could access reports published on a web-page without needing to be trained how to use a complex software package, thereby reducing the costs of software licences considerably.

Landfill Data Capture and Integration

Our client wanted to improve the capture of level and flow data from a number of borehole sites and we worked closely with the customer to implement company specific data file formats and the conversion of level data according to Ordnance Survey Datum values.  In addition, the sites were required to update to the Timeview Telemetry website on an hourly basis, from where data was uploaded via FTP directly on a daily basis into the client's existing environmental database, providing greatly increased integration of data for monitoring and management information purposes.