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GridLoc GPS Location System

GridLoc GPS Location System

Hydro-Logic's new GridLoc software package operates on the Archer PDA running Windows Mobile 5 or Windows CE .NET operating systems. GridLoc connects to a range of GPS receivers and can be used in conjunction with Hydro-Logic Pocket Gauger and Pocket Harvest software packages.

GridLoc is a simple application which captures and finds the grid reference location in the form of latitude and longitude from GPS receivers and converts it to and from British and Irish National Grid References and WGS84 longitude, latitude.

Integrates with Pocket Gauger and Pocket Harvest

GridLoc can be run directly from Pocket Gauger to capture the current grid reference of the site being gauged. Similarly when collecting data files from the Isodaq range of data loggers using Pocket Harvest, the user can call GridLoc to get the NGR so that it can be saved in the log-file as permament verification of the location of the data logger. (NB - Pocket Harvest will be available mid 2008)

Once loaded, the GPS receives updates constantly and the position is displayed in both Longitude/Latitude etc and OSGB or Irish Grid Reference if applicable. This position will then be displayed on the main screen in various different formats (WGS84 Lat/Long, Grid Reference and Easting/Northing).

GridLoc is compatible with most GPS receivers but for sub-metre positioning accuracy, the ideal recommended partner is the SXBlue II receiver.