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GPRS water level loggers

For rivers, lakes, reservoirs, groundwater and urban drainage applications

Our GPRS water level logging solutions brings the data from remote sites straight to your desktop whenever you want and wherever you are, with the alarms generated if required for early warning purposes.  There is no such thing as a standard water-level logger.  There are several system components, so take some time to consider all the options …

1 Choose a water-level sensor

* Includes ATEX versions. Only ATEX certified Ultrasonic and Depth Pressure sensors can be used with Hawkeye 2i/s within sewers and CSO Zone 1 confined spaces.

2 Select a GPRS data logger from our ISODAQ Range

* ATEX-only combinations. Only ATEX certified Ultrasonic and Depth Pressure sensors can be used with Hawkeye 2i/s within sewers and CSO Zone 1 confined spaces.

3 If you need some more help, check out our Guide to GPRS water level logging systems below.

4 After selecting your components use our ‘Add to Quote’ feature to send us your details and we will deal with your enquiry.

Guide to GPRS water level logging systems

Every water-level monitoring system for a remote site is a site-specific solution, which should take into account factors such as channel hydraulics and geometry, stilling requirements, measurement range and accuracy specification, instrument mounting and housing, existing infrastructure e.g borehole capping and,  of course cost. Often the chosen combination of sensor and logger are a compromise of all these factors.   

To create the right water level logging system for your application, you will need to select your components as follows:-

  1. Consider the site details, existing infrastructure, possible methods of deployment and housing to fit your project budget
  2. Choose the type of measurement sensor using the table below
  3. Choose the Isodaq GPRS data logger recommended for the chosen sensor
  4. Choose whether to collect data via an existing SCADA telemetry server or via ISODAQ’s Log2net on-line system

The measurement sensors we recommend are all low-powered and selected for ease of integration with ISODAQ’s range of data loggers.  A key benefit of our systems is the ease and low-cost of installation. Our Log2Net water-level monitoring systems use the same combinations of logger, sensor and enclosure but come inclusive with our Timeview Telemetry on-line web data service, renewable on an annual basis.  For users needing to connect to existing SCADA telemetry servers e.g Clear Scada,  all our ISODAQ GPRS data loggers support DNP3 or Modbus ASCii as open communications protocols.

Build your own water level monitoring system, by using this table to select the sensor and logger combination best suited to your application; costs are exclusive of our annual on-line data service  :-

Type of site Inside drain or culvert Bridge/pole mounted Borehole or well River/lake-side or reservoir
Stilling/contact Non-contact Non-contact Submersible in 50-300mm tube Submersible in 50-100mm tube Float-weight in 200-500mm tube Submersible plastic pipe
Sensor type Ultrasonic Radar Depth Pressure Depth Pressure Shaft-encoder Bubbler
Recommended sensor 1 Pulsar Imp VegaPuls WL61 Impress IML Impress IML Thistle 24R-105 Sutron Accubar
Recommended sensor 2 Pulsar Dbi Vale[port VRS20 Impress SDI12L Impress SDI12L Sutron SDI-12 -
ISODAQ logger models Frog RX or Hawkeye 2i (ATEX) Frog RX Frog RX Frog RX Tadpole R2/R3 or Hawk XT Tadpole R2/R3 or  Hawk XT
Typical range (m) 6 15 30 10 3 35
Accuracy (m)/(%) 0.015/0.25% 0.002 0.03/0.1% 0.01/0.1% 0.002 0.017/0.05%
Recommended housing Custom plastic Custom plastic Dependent on capping/casing GRP 100x100 tubing Secondary enclosure Secondary enclosure
Typical system cost (£) £1,600 £2,200 £1,400-£1,500 £1,300-£1,400 £1,200-£2,200 £2,800-£3,400

ISODAQ’s hydrometric and instrumentation specialists are available to give advice on the best combination of components to suit your application.  Contact us with your enquiry including details of your application; a photograph of the application site is extremely useful for this purpose.

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