Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

Data Loggers

Data loggers are available from as part of the Hydro-Logic™ Smart Monitoring range. 

Hydro-Logic™ Flexi Logger 

A flexible “sensor agnostic” data logger that can be paired with a range of sensors to monitor and measure a variety of hydrometric, environmental and climate metrics. Visit product page

Hydro-Logic™ Flow Logger

Provides insight into flow rates, providing engineers with real-world data they need to analyse, model and forecast flow in support of effective resource management, feasibility studies, network design and optimisation. Visit product page

Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger

Monitors water levels across a range of applications—including waterways, sewers and groundwater—in order to provide real-time situational insight as well as the longer-term data capture required for analysis, modelling and forecasting. Visit product page

Hydro-Logic™ Weather Logger

Enables monitoring of rainfall and other upstream flood precursor conditions, as well as longer-term meteorological factors relating to climate change. Visit product page

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