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H-ADCP ChannelMaster


  • Continuous stream-flow measurement using velocity-index method
  • Technology - single elevation horizontal pulsed doppler velocity meter
  • Two beam sensor measures 1-128 velocity cells
  • Width range - 1200kHz - 20m; 600kHz - 90m; 300kHz - 300m
  • Depth range - 100mm to 10 metres
  • Accuracy - typically 5% - 10% of flow reading depending on site calibration.

H-ADCP Channelmaster

Full Description


The ChannelMaster H-ADCP is a compact, flexible and affordable horizontal ADCP designed to measure continuous flow and velocity in rivers and estuaries.

The 2-beam doppler principle device is deployed at one elevation in a channel cross-section with different frequency models available for accurate measurement in channels from 1 to 300 metres wide.

The results are then applied using the velocity index method to calculate total discharge in the channel. The ChannelMaster unit offers major benefits over other continuous flow monitoring systems and is able to measure highly accurate velocities even in difficult environments such as low or rapidly changing flows.

  • Battery-powered system with charging options
  • Easy to install with minimum maintenance requirements
  • In-built data logger plus telemetry options (PSTN, GSM or Satellite comms)
  • Measures velocity in 1-128 user selectable cells
  • Profiling range from 1m to 300m (dependent on system frequency)