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MAG 8000 Magflow pipeflow meter


  • Reliable, battery powered mag fow meter designed for the water industry
  • 6 years non-stop operation typical
  • Robust construction built to resist environmental influences
  • High accuracy down to 0.2% of rate
  • Bi-directional measurement with 0.1% high repeatability in both directions
  • No moving parts make MAG 8000 resistant to solids and debris in the water.

MAG 8000 Magflow pipeflow meter

Full Description

Designed for the water industry, the SITRANS F M MAG 8000 device is a battery powered electromagnetic pipe-flow meter that makes it easier than ever to install a reliable water meter virtually anywhere, without sacrificing accuracy or performance.

  • No mains power is needed
  • Simply bolt in place before operation
  • Remote transmitter solution with factory mounted sensor cables and connectors
  • Underground installation - sensor can be buried
  • IP68/NEMA 6P enclosure and cable withstand constant flooding
  • Flow simulation to ensure correct information chain
  • Configuration via standard IrDA interface or communication channel
  • Built-in earthing electrodes.

The MAG 8000 program is designed to assure best-in-class performance for leakage detection and accurate billing. It is seriously low maintenance, delivering long-term performance with minimal cost of ownership.

MAG 8000 water meters have intelligent features built-in. With advanced display of information, on-site data collection and remote monitoring via communication networks, MAG 8000 makes sure you get all the information you need to optimize water supply and reduce consumption.

MAG 8000 performance enhancing features:
  • Consumption logging with up to 26 months of data
  • Leakage detection program
  • Consumption profile
  • Meter utilization for meter selection
  • Tariff and settling data for billing
  • Advanced flow statistic
  • Meter status and alarm handling
  • Meter and application diagnostic
  • Data protection and back up.
 One water meter platform for water applications:
  • Distribution network - optimize water supply and reduce leakage
  • Revenue metering - provide correct billing and monitoring of consumption
  • Irrigation - ensure long term performance for optimal ownership.