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OCM Pro CF Cross Correlation method


  • Measures flows in partially filled or full pipes
  • Profiles velocity using cross-correlation method
  • Suitable for water or waste-water treatment works
  • MCERTS certified for UK discharge consent compliance
  • Supports multiple velocity probe inputs for wider channels
  • Outputs data to ISODAQ telemetry loggers via 4-20mA

OCM Pro Schematic

Full Description

The NIVUS OCM Pro CF (incorporating POA Sensor) Echo Profile Flowmeter is an area velocity flow meter which employs the cross correlation principle to deliver highly accurate open channel flow measurement in small channels, partially-filled pipes or full-pipes. 

The OCM Pro’s cross-correlation method is a velocity profiling technique suitable for difficult low-head sites where weirs and flumes cannot be installed, which measures the velocity profile in the channel, helping to minimize the need for regular on-site calibration checks.    Normally one velocity sensor would be used in small channels but multiple sensors can be used to measure velocity profiles in wider channels.

The device has been certified to the measurement standards required by the Environment Agency (England & Wales) MCERTS scheme for flow monitoring in open channels between 0 to 2 m/s velocity and 0.1 to 1m depth. Typical applications for the flow meter are as diverse as abstraction, wastewater treatment, stormwater, industrial wastewater, cooling water, sluice stages in small rivers rivers and irrigation channels.

MCERTS certification is now obligatory for all new and replacement flow meters for EA regulated processes including EPR (Environmental Permitting Regulations, 2010) so users can be confident that this meter will satisfy the requirements of their discharge consent.