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EM ARG100 Tipping Bucket Raingauge


  • Low-cost, accurate tipping-bucket mechanism
  • Aerodynamic gauge design for maximum catch
  • UV-resistant plastic collector unit
  • Available with either 0.20 or 0.25mm tip sensitivity
  • Contact closure digital output
  • Connects to any ISODAQ logger or telemetry logger

EM ARG100 Tipping Bucket raingauge

Full Description

The ARG was designed by the Institute of Hydrology with a profile very similar to that derived theoretically and independently by the UK Meteorological office as an 'ideal shape'.    A conventionally shaped raingauge interferes with the airflow so that the catch is reduced. The ARG minimises this effect due to its aerodynamic shape and reduced side area to the wind, thus increasing accuracy.   The collected rain is measured by the well-proven tipping bucket method which provides a contact closure at each tip.

The ARG is a low-cost rainguage manufactured in UV resistant plastic by vacuum forming technique, that allow costs to be minimised while producing a very rugged instrument of comparable precision to more expensive gauges.

The ARG is compatible with all ISODAQ loggers and telemetry loggers via a digital input port which counts and times each contact closure when a tip occurs.


  • UV-resistant plastic collector unit
  • Funnel Diameter - 254mm (10.0 inches)
  • Tip Sensitivity - standard 0.20mm per tip, or 0.25mm if required
  • Funnel Rim Height - 340mm (13.4 inches)
  • Output - contact closure
  • Power Requirements - none
  • Weight - 1000 gms
  • Max Allowable Current Through Reed - 300mA, non inductive.