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Aqua TROLL 100 and 200 Conductivity/Salinity


  • Conductivity and temp (model 200 includes depth/pressure)
  • In-built data logger
  • Telemetry links - Modbus, RS485, SDI-12 and 4-20mA
  • Fits within 25mm piezometer tubes
  • RuggedCable cable system with TwistLock connectors
  • Factory calibrated to US NIST traceable standards

Aqua TROLL 100 and 200 Conductivity/Salinity

Full Description

Rugged design

  • Durable titanium housing resists fouling and safeguards against corrosion, even in the harshest conditions.
  • Completely sealed - Withstands pressures up to 500 psi

Extended deployments

  • Internal batteries guaranteed to last for 5 years when reading every 15 minutes. External batteries, solar power, or external 8-36 VDC options are also available.
  • Reference electrode compensates for light fouling.
  • Use with the TROLL® Shield antifouling system to reduce biofouling and significantly increase deployment time.

Accurate results

  • Dynamic density compensation delivers superior water level accuracy in estuarine and coastal environments where salinity values may vary due to rainfall or tides.
  • Instruments are factory-calibrated and validated with NIST®-traceable standards.

Flexible communications

  • SCADA and telemetry-ready units include built-in Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, and 4-20 mA output communications.
  • The In-Situ RuggedCable® system includes titanium Twist- Lock connectors for quick, reliable connections.
  • Easily connects to a RuggedReader® handheld PC, laptop, or TROLL® Link telemetry system.

Simplified setup and data acquisition

  • Win-Situ® software simplifies instrument setup, automates site management, displays graphical data, and provides real-time data and instrument status.