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Conductivity, Salinity and Temperature Sensor


  • 4 electrodes (2 graphic, 2 platinum)
  • Range 0 to 200 mS/cm
  • Digital sensor / Modbus RS485/SDI-12
  • Robust and Watertight

Conductivity, Salinity and Temperature Sensor

Full Description

C4E Sensor has been designed to provide highly reliable Conductivity, Salinity and Temperature measurements. The multi-range sensor allows the same sensor to be employed in a wide variety of applications, the monitoring system being set up to provide the optimum accuracy and resolution for the intended application.The C4E Conductivity / Salinity Sensor utilises four-electrode technology to ensure your required readings are accurate and reliable. The sensor offers both SD-12 and RS-485 connectivity.

Conductivity is a broad measurement that indicates the level of dissolved minerals in the water, for process waters it is an indicator that the water purifier system is not working. In some cases it can be used to prevent problems with scaling due to hardness of tap water, especially in boiler feed water. In many applications Conductivity can be used as a measurement of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and is a useful general indicator of water quality.