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pH, Redox and Temperature Sensor


  • Combination pH/Redox/Temperature Sensor
  • Modbus RS485/SDI-12
  • Calibration data inside
  • pH/ORP Cartridge
  • Range 0-14
  • Redox -1000 to + 1000mV
  • T deg/c -10 deg/C to + 50 deg/C

pH, Redox and Temperature Sensor

Full Description

PHEHT Sensor has been designed to provide highly reliable pH, Redox and Temperature measurements. The electrode uses Ponsel's Plastogel® technology, the long life reference increases the life of the electrode, reducing maintenance and operating costs. The electrode has been designed to work in even the most difficult applications, from pure mountain streams with conductivity as low as 20 μS/cm, through lakes and river, seawater and wastewater with conductivity of 200 mS/cm.