Isodaq Technology is now part of Hydro International.

Support Knowledge Base

As part of our policy of continually maintaining and improving our products, we have developed a comprehensive mini web-site covering frequent customer support issues, and the latest versions of all downloadable software packages developed by Isodaq Technology. 

  • Latest versions of User Guides for each Isodaq model
  • Details of latest release of Harvest Control software package
  • Various software downloads e.g. Foreign language and Windows Mobile versions of Harvest
  • Various technical notes e.g How to do a firmware upgrade
  • Video tutorials e.g. How to replace a battery pack in Frog RX
  • Postings of ISODAQ Insights with tips on how to get more value from our products

Click here to go to Support Knowledge Base Site

If you have any queries that aren't covered in the Support Knowledge Base, then please do let us know how we can improve the information even further.