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FloodView Web Service

FloodView Web Service

Flood warning information service

FloodView provides a simplified graphical summary of the latest data captured during flood alerts by a GPRS telemetry system. The latest information is presented on a customisable web-page which can be accessed via a standard browser e.g Google Chrome on any PC, Tablet or smart-phone with either Wi-Fi or Broadband internet connection.

GPRS telemetry gauges, sometimes consisting of several monitoring sites in a small local network, are typically installed and operated by a Lead Local Flood Authority or sometimes a local Flood Action Group for several key warning applications:
• Provides vital extra time for erecting property-level protection e.g flood doors 
• Level exceedance alarms for early warning of flooding to residents and businesses
• Activation of high intensity rainfall logged by automatic rain-gauges
• Providing high frequency uploads of latest data e.g  every 15 mins during flood alerts
• Triggering of digital cameras to send latest photos to recipients and to Timeview
• Helps maintenance teams prioritise debris clearance at trash screens or small culverts

The FloodView web page display is customised on commissioning with a number of different graphical features including starting with a map display for selecting which site from a group to access :-
• Chart of latest data e.g last 24 hours
• Display of current alarm status
• Picture shows latest status eg. trash screen blockages
• Long-term statistical summary
• Option for weather forecast feed

To try our demonstration site for FloodView go to: