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Timeview TVA Telemetry Server


  • Automatic data acquisition for Isodaq GPRS loggers
  • Show network sites and access data from Google Maps
  • Alarm management and message forwarding via email and SMS
  • Re-configure loggers at remote sites
  • Clear and easy to understand displays of line graphs of latest data
  • Export of data files to OEM databases or SCADA systems

Timeview TVA Telemetry Server

Full Description

Timeview TVA (Telemetry Virtual Appliance)

Timeview Telemetry Virtual Appliance (TVA) is a dedicated copy of Timeview, normally hosted by Isodaq and customised for clients - for example with own logos and web site names.  Timeview TVA can also be licenced to run in a virtual environment on a client’s own server if preferred, but the hosted option provides many advantages in terms of support access and on-going IT costs.

Timeview TVA is design to receive and forward time series data and alarms from large numbers of ISODAQ GPRS Telemetry Loggers. Timeview TVA has a browser interface where time series data and alarm status can be displayed without loading any special Windows software. Timeview TVA needs no special front-end processor or hardware and can be hosted on either a Windows or Linux network server as a self-contained virtual machine on a wide range of VMware products.

Features include :-

  • Secure access - access to Timeview TVA is restricted to registered users via a username with secure password protection. Four access levels are provided, Users, Intermediate, Managers and Administrators.
  • Remote logger configuration - sites checking in to Timeview TVA can be re-configured automatically. Logger reconfiguration can be performed by Intermediates, Managers or Administrators. However, full Harvest configuration can only be performed by Managers and Administrators.
  • Collects data via IP - Data comes into Timeview TVA from GPRS loggers via direct internet connection using industry standard IP protocols.  No modem is used at the receiving end for GPRS reception. Loggers connect to a URL (a web address) using their integrated modem and the GPRS service provided by the mobile operator. The client’s IT department must provide both this web address and port forwarding so loggers can reach Timeview TVA. TVA can also receive data from Isodaq loggers via IP-connected modems, so non-GPRS loggers can also use the system e.g PSTN or Iridium SBD modems.
  • Google Maps -  all sites can be displayed on Google Maps if the latitude and longitude of the monitoring site is known.  
  • Flexible graphics -  latest data from remote sites is plotted on time-series plots with upto 2 years of data being displayed with alarm levels and current logger battery status also displayed.   Systems where security policies allow Java to be operated have access to a dynamic, upgraded graphics system with zoom-in/out features enabling trends, key events and alarms to be inspected with more flexibility.
  • Alarm Management - alarms are  forwarded by email or by SMS (via web gateway).
  • Remote Maintenance via VPNISODAQ Technology provides a remote maintenance service via secure VPN as part of an annual software maintenance contract, ensuring that the system is properly maintained with the most up-to-date versions of the software and that ISODAQ engineers can troubleshoot any issues without having to visit the client’s offices.